Tanked Up 36 – CoD Phishing

This week Ben and Aadil take on three beers each, talk about: The Division, Tropico 5, Dragon Age: Origins and take on the latest Rumours about CoD: Infinite Warfare and the CoD 4 remake. Aadil threw back Picaroons ‘Feels Good’ Imperial Pilsner, 49 Parallel ‘Gypsy Tears’ Red Ale and the Upstreet Craft Brewing & Boxing Rock collaboration ‘Rumble in the Alley – Round II’ Single Malt and Single Hops IPA. Ben drank the Harbour Brewing ‘Antipodean IPA’, Samual Adams ‘Rebel’ IPA and Brewdog ‘Hop Fiction’ Pale Ale. Tanked Up – Episode 36 – CoD Phishing