Tanked Up 37 – Tangled Up

Tanked Up 37 - Tangled Up

This week the pod is plagued by the gremlins that exist in the world of tubes and audio devices. Fair warning the audio is sub-optimal, to say the least. It’s listenable, but sadly there are waves of noise coincidentally whenever Ben talks We also talk about some beers and games. Specifically Ben talks “Jotun” and “The Order 1886”. Aadil talks about a couple of mobile games, “Star Wars: Heroes” and “Marvel: Future Fight”, amidst griping about moving and packing. Ben drinks the ‘East India Pale’ by Freedom Brewery and the Arbor ‘M&S American IPA. Aadil drinks the unique tasting winner of the Boxing Rock homebrew contest ‘Where There’s Smoke’ Smoked Pale Ale and the Red Racer ‘I.S.A.’ India Session Ale. … Continue reading Tanked Up 37 – Tangled Up