Tanked Up 41 – G2A V Tiny Build

Tanked Up 41 - G2A V Tiny Build

Many beers are drunk and games discussed as Ben and Aadil are joined this week by Lucy Yearwood. Lucy kicks us off talking 10 second Ninja X, Ben rolls in discussing Volume and Aadil speaks briefly about LEGO my Star Wars. We finish by discussing the site G2A and the re-selling of game keys. The publisher Tiny Build found G2A had facilitated the selling of stolen keys through information they obtained for talks of official G2A distributorship. G2A, an eBay-like marketplace for rogue keys, replied in a sub-optimal way. A backlash ensued and G2A just released a 7-point ‘developer-friendly’ plan. Ben and Lucy both (totally planned) have the ‘High Wire’ West Coast Pale Ale by Magic Rock Brewing. Ben’s second … Continue reading Tanked Up 41 – G2A V Tiny Build