Fast & Furious 8 – Movie Review

Everything about Fast & Furious 8 is completely ridiculous and that is exactly how I like it!

Fast & Furious 8 is directed by F. Gary Grey who also directed the rebooted Italian Job and with his success with Straight Outta Compton I was very interested in seeing what he could do with the Fast & Furious Franchise.
I am a fan of this Franchise, but only truly got into it when Fast Five came out, I was completely blown away by how different they made this film series be. It went from being a Point Break rip off to becoming an over the top action franchise with a lot of heart attached to it.
So, the story is as simple as they have shown it in all the trailers, Vin Diesel’s character Dom has gone rogue and goes against his team because Charlize Theron character has something over him, we don’t exactly know what she has but it is enough to get him to steal nuclear weapons and EMP devices.
Now I have to say, if you’re asking yourself is this film for me? It depends on what type of film goer are you? Do you go just for big dumb films and to have a great time out then this is the film for you, but if you can’t get your head wrapped around at how abused? this franchise is and are wanting a purer cinema going time, then stay right away from this film, it won’t be for you.
Everything about the Fast & Furious 8 is completely ridiculous and that is exactly how I like it. I want these movies to be over the top. I want them to be completely insane, but like the other movies I want them to keep its heart, and I’m happy to say it does all of that, I’ll go as far in saying this is the second-best film in this franchise.
What is so entraining about these films is the action, each film they go more and more over the top and even more insane, and they haven’t stop with this film, the action is brilliant, beautifully shot and well executed.
The truly best thing in this film is the Chemistry between Jason Statham and The Rock, these guys are mortal enemies and they get put in jail together and every single scene with them in it I loved. this film had a hard job, it had to make Jason Statham’s Character likeable and by teaming him up with the Rock and kicking ass with him, they do a good job.
Charlize Theron is without a doubt the best villain this franchise has ever had but that really isn’t saying much at the same time, I loved her scenes with Dom, how she kept him in check and just being totally awesome, which makes me even more excited about atomic blonde her next film coming out.
The only other thing about this film is it is very predictable on the stories behalf? and some of the new characters are really boring and underused, and of course the late Paul Walker is sadly missed as well, but they honour him even more in this film, that will make you all smile and put a tear in your eye.
Guys this film entertained me so much and because of that factor alone it gets my recommend to go and see this in the cinema, just so much fun.
Well that’s my two cents on the film Fast & Furious 8, please let me know what you think of the film down below and as always, I am Mr Moody and it’s been my pleasure to service you.

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