IGR 1 – Super Rude Bear: Resurrection (Interview with Alex Rose)

Join Allan and Dan as they rave about Super Rude Bear: Resurrection

In the debut episode of Indie Game Ravers, hosts Allan and Dan discuss a potential social media site exclusively for developers and gamers, consider Prey For The Gods should really have changed it’s name and get the inside scoop with an exclusive interview with Alex Rose, using a pun that even he hasn’t heard before!

Stay tuned for a chance to bag yourself a free copy of Super Rude Bear: Ressurection.

Special thanks to Jordy Baines for the great opening theme, also listen out for a great track from Deeco.

Please Note: This competition only remains relevant until episode 2 is released.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @indiegameravers and get involved with our competition. If you’re an indie game developer who would like to be on the show please contact Allan on Twitter @AJRafferty or email us at indiegameraverspodcast@gmail.com

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  • Cleveland T Mosher
    12 May 2017 at 8:50 pm
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    Wow! Great show! Here’s to the start of a successful new series!

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