IGR 2 – Castle Battles (Interview with Cleveland Mosher)

Join Allan and Dan as they rave about Castle Battles!

Join filmmaker ‘extraordinaire’ Allan Rafferty and ‘technophobic’ gamer Dan as they rant and rave their way to the end.

This week we are kicking off an exciting new segment called Rave Battles as things get heated when Allan and Dan debate the relevance of narrative in video games. Then we have a special interview with the fantastic Cleveland Mosher of Light Arc Studios about their fast paced RTS game, Castle Battles and of course, there is also the chance of winning a free copy.

Alternatively if you can’t wait until the prize draw get your steam copy here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/568370/Castle_Battles/

And also grab the rest of the beautiful sound track by Ex-Static here: https://xstatic.bandcamp.com/album/the-original-castle-battles-soundtrack

Be sure to get in touch and tell us who won the Rave Battle! Also follow us on Twitter @indiegameravers and get involved with our competition. If you’re an indie game developer who would like to be on the show please contact Allan on Twitter @AJRafferty or email us at indiegameraverspodcast@gmail.com

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