Star Trek Discovery has been renewed (and is great)

It appears Star trek Discovery is doing well. So well it’s been renewed for a second season by CBS. Interactive president and COO Marc DeBevoise announced the renewal in...

It appears Star trek Discovery is doing well. So well it’s been renewed for a second season by CBS.

Interactive president and COO Marc DeBevoise announced the renewal in a press release and said that Discovery had been successful in helping launch its streaming service CBS All Access by bringing in new subscribers. It broke a new internal record in sign ups for a single day, week and month on the service.

In terms of a UK release for Discovery season 2 the announcement was also tweeted out by the Star Trek Netflix account hopefully meaning a continuation on the deal to stream the show outside of North America.

The news of a renewal makes me very happy. I’m really enjoying Discovery, the introduction to, and the stories it’s telling about the crew and the capabilities of the ship. With the first two episodes acting like a prologue and setting the context, relegating the war to a back drop and exploring the characters is exactly what I wanted. Whilst, rightly, Michael Burnham remains the focus we’re getting a great look at a USS ships captain under a dark tone both in story telling and setting. Jason Isaacs is great as a fractured yet determined Captain Lorca. He almost mirrors Burnham’s struggle between emotion and logic with his personal struggle to succeed and Starfleet’s rules. His storyline is familiar in the ‘doesn’t play by the rules’ ‘gets results’ kind of way but now I’d like to see the facade break in front of others, not just on a personal level, and the dynamic that this would create. That would be truly different for a Star Trek crew.

The most recent episode, Lethe, feels like classic Star Trek however. It explores the politics of the era, engaging the wider universe and It brings the Vulcan’s onto a level with the Klingons and Humans in having civil unrest and societal differences. The episode revolves around a search and rescue mission, off book, that allows a better understanding of Burnham’s relationship with Sarek, her upbringing, Vulcan society and how Sarek whilst progressing Lorca’s story. It fits the characters, the overarching crew dynamics and the series well as a standalone episode. It leans a little too much in Star Trek nostalgia, with both Spock and the Enterprise being mentioned but that’s forgivable. We’ve moved away from what the ship can do into what the crew can do and it’s a good change of pace.

We haven’t many more episodes left until a short break and then an inevitable year, or more, long wait until season 2 but if Discovery continues along this path I’ll avidly await it’s return.

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