Mission: Impossible – Fallout Movie Review

Tom Cruise you Crazy Man!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who also helm Rogue Nation and once again stars Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Ving Rhames, and this time around it tells the story of Ethan Hunts IMF team as they race against time after a mission gone wrong.

Let’s get straight to the point Fallout is one of the best action films I have seen in 2018, incredibly well-planned action sequences (not just from a choreography or stunts perspective) but from a cinematography perspective; there are so many beautifully filmed moments and pretty much all of them are thanks to Tom Cruise.

From him leaping over buildings, to jumping from airplanes, hanging from helicopters to him motorcycling through oncoming traffic in Paris; the action sequences are so intense and white-knuckled because they’re actually taking place and add in some set pieces that are designed to make your jaw drop and you have a formula that works perfectly.

The action sequences are incredible but how is the story? This is where I can see some people having an issue because its similar to the first Mission: Impossible movie and certain reveals are not surprising but that is it.

The antagonists once again are some of the franchises strongest points keeping a head of Philip Seymour Hoffman from IM3, all the supporting characters are as strong as always Simon Pegg continues to be very entertaining, Rebecca Ferguson is terrific, Henry Cavill gives one of his best performances.

This is the sixth film and despite my love for both Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation I think this might be the best one, McQuarrie has taken the characters and he’s placed them in scenarios that constantly test their ability to do their jobs and that’s why it’s Mission Impossible and from a writing perspective that’s brilliant; you’re constantly on the edge of seat throughout the film.


The Final Verdict

Should you go watch Mission: Impossible – Fallout? Yes, I love this movie

Why? Because this film is a wonderfully executed action film from beginning to end

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