2018 Movies We Still Want to See! & Some News

The Glorious Movie Show Episode 142

On today’s 142nd Episode, it’s slow News week so we are going to discuss the movies we still want to see in 2018! All that and more on the Glorious Movie Show.

I am the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me today is, the Foxes on the Run, He’ll Always be Honest with you, the Glorious Red Bearded Man, Daniel ‘Foxes’ Fox.

If you are new? we are the Glorious Movie Show and we give you your weekly dose of all things Movie Related News and offer a little bit of insight into what it all means, but with not much insight. 

2018 Movies We Still Want to See!

We talk about the movies we still want to see before the year is out!


Glorious Movie News

‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ Wraps with new Spidey Suit!

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Production Reportedly Pushed Back to 2021!

Michael B. Jordan to Star in Political Assassination Thriller!

John Krasinski Is Writing ‘A Quite Place 2’


Is it Good? Is it Meh? Or is it a Turd in the Wind?

Aquaman TV Spot

The Curse of La Llorona Teaser Trailer

Destroyer Trailer

The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer

The Aftermath


What Films are coming to a theatre near you

Halloween (UK & US)

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (UK)

Hunter Killer (UK)

The Hate You Give (US) (UK on Monday)


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