What are the Top 10 Pixar Movies

The Glorious Movie Show Episode 150

On today’s 150th Episode. We give you our top 10 Pixar Movies! Will all the Toy Story films make our lists? Did Nemo or Dory find a Number? Did any of the Cars films creep onto our list? All that and more on the Glorious Movie Show.

I am the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me today is, the Wednesday Studmeister, The Glorious Scott Sedman

Movie Reviews

The Hate You Give


Top 10 Pixar Movie

We give you our Top 10 Pixar Movies and, in the end, we’ll bring our lists together to give you a combine Top 10 list.


What Films are coming to a theatre near you

The Girl in the Spider’s Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story (UK) – (Already in US)

Robin Hood (UK & US)

Assassination Nation (UK) – (Already in US)

Creed 2 (US) – (UK Next Week)

Ralph Breaks the Internet (US) – (UK Next Week)

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