The Lion King Trailer! Studios Vs Theatres & Deadpool Kidnaps Fred Savage

The Glorious Movie Show Episode 151

On today’s 151st Episode. Disney shows us the Circle of Life again! Book the year 2019 The Battle between Studios & Theatres begins! Sony adds some Release Dates, but what movies could they be? & Deadpool Kidnaps Fred Savage! All that and more on the Glorious Movie Show.

I am the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me today is, the Foxes on the Run, He’ll Always be Honest with you, he’s Glorious Red Bearded Man, Daniel ‘Foxes’ Fox.

Glorious Movie News

‘The Lion King’ Trailer Reveals Jon Favreau’s Cinematic Circle of Life

Sony Might Have Set Release Dates for ‘Morbius’ & a ‘Venom’ Sequel

Major Studios Expected to Lobby Theatres for Early Home Video Release in 2019

Is it Good? Is it Meh? Or is it a Turd in the Wind?

‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ Trailer Reveals the PG-13 Cut of the Sequel

Final ‘Aquaman’ Trailer Is All about the Power of the Trident

New ‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Trailer Is Here to Fend off DUPLO Invaders

‘Monster Hunter’: Milla Jovovich & Tony Jaa Are on the Hunt in First-Look Image

What Films are coming to a theatre near you

The Girl in the Spider’s Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story (UK) – (Already in US)

Robin Hood (UK & US)

Assassination Nation (UK) – (Already in US)

Creed 2 (US) – (UK Next Week)

Ralph Breaks the Internet (US) – (UK Next Week)

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