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Episodes Reviewed:         01-47 Average Episode Length:     1 Hour Release Schedule:         Irregular (Monthlyish) All Killa No Filla is a podcast about serial killers from Kiri...

Episodes Reviewed:         01-47
Average Episode Length:     1 Hour
Release Schedule:         Irregular (Monthlyish)

All Killa No Filla is a podcast about serial killers from Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn. They open every podcast with the same disclaimer, “This isn’t hero worship. We do this podcast because we have a mutual interest in serial killers; and as long as we are doing this podcast, it keeps us from writing to them in prison.” It sets the tone for the Podcast.

Serial killers are a difficult topic to cover. It’s natural to be curious about the people who commit some of the most horrific series of crimes. Why did they do it? How did they go about it? What did the people around them think of them? The debate around nature vs nurture; are they born to be killers or are they shaped that way through experience? The details of each case is dark, depressing, often gory and can lead you down into a horrible spiral of despair. For many people, the way to break that spiral is to make light of it, to find something humorous in even the darkest of places.

This raises a new issue, respect. Respect for the victims, respect for the family and friends who were left in the wake of these horrible events. How do you maintain respect for those affected while still leaving room for the occasional joke or humorous anecdote to break the doom and gloom that can sometimes creep in when talking about this sort of subject? This is where our hosts professional backgrounds come to the fore as both are experienced Comedians; utilising that experience, they can skillfully walk that very difficult dividing line.

Kiri & Rachel have grown as the podcast has continued, the rapport between them has improved and I really get the sense that I’ve listened to 2 people becoming better friends as I’ve listened to the episodes. That’s a joyous thing in itself. They share this mutual interest and have clearly become good friends “off-mic” as well as on it.

If you share their interest in serial killers you should give this podcast a try.



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