Saucy Salvage – Salvage Saturday 5

1 Ship. 1 Shift. Salvage!

That’s right, Adam is back for another salvage shift and in this week’s video he’s on the “Saucy Themisto”. A grade 4 ship of the same type that has proved… challenging… so far. The aim is to strip the outside layers of the hull, can he do it?

Find out in this week’s Salvage Saturday video below!


Adam is a Writer, Editor & Podcaster here at Out of Lives. He casts a wide net across popular culture with video games & anime, in particular, featuring heavily in his work for the site. Hailing from a town just outside Glasgow, this Scotsman can usually be found roaming the Northern Realms on The Path or behind the wheel of a Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Car.
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