3D Platformer

  • XEL 1280x720

    XEL Preview: An Underwhelming Homage to the 2000s

    For a game that features time travel XEL feels firmly stuck in the past...
  • Pumpkin Jack 1280x720

    Pumpkin Jack Review (Xbox Series S)

    PUMPKIN JACK REVIEW (XBOX SERIES S)   Pumpkin Jack, from singular/lone developer Nicolas Meyssonnier, tries to kickstart a resurgence of classic 3D platformers, and it’s not a terrible attempt at doing so either. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll see a tidal wave of 3D platformers, and...
  • Glyph 1280x720

    Glyph Review (Switch)

    GLYPH REVIEW (SWITCH)   In this rolling puzzle platformer a robotic dung beetle called Anobi wakes Glyph up from a deep sleep to help aid it in finding the lost Temple City of Aaru. Buried under the sand by a corrupt machine, Glyph must restore the Temple of Aaru...