Tanked Up


A show about about delicious craft beer, gaming culture and what we’ve been playing.
Hosted by Ben (@nova_47), Aadil (@TheOmniarch), and Lucy (Beeresistible_).
You can of course reach us all at once tankedupcast@gmail.com or our twitter account @Tanked_Up.

  • Tanked Up 136 – A Beautiful Environment

    Ben’s beautiful garage recording space gets invaded. Aadil joins him in the garage for a few beers whilst Lucy comes through via the internet. They discuss the mobile puzzler ELOH and chat the beautiful Far: Lone Sails. In full flow a second invasion occurs and Kim appears for the last 20 minutes and they all finish on the narrative point and click 2064: Read Only Memories. The first beer everyone drinks is the Arbor Mosaic single hop pale ale. Lucy has this from a bottle whilst Ben and Aadil have it from a can. Aadil and Ben sneak in a second beer and have the Nu-Tropic IPA from Stillwater. After Kim appears Lucy finishes on a Northern Monk Patrons...