Tanked Up


A show about about delicious craft beer, gaming culture and what we’ve been playing.
Hosted by Ben (@nova_47), Aadil (@TheOmniarch), and Lucy (Beeresistible_).
You can of course reach us all at once tankedupcast@gmail.com or our twitter account @Tanked_Up.

  • Tanked Up 114 – Unsettling games and scary beer tax breaks

    Once again Ben and Lucy delve into the world of video games whilst supping some excellent beers. We start with some beer chat, tax breaks and the price of a pint. Ben’s played the first add-on for Assassin’s Creed Origins ‘The Hidden One’s’. Lucy has sunk some time into the strategic graffiti mobile puzzler ‘Vandals’. We end with another game Ben has played ‘Doki Doki Literature Club’ and discuss games that have unsettled us or made us feel awful. We drink some fantastic beers on a warm day. Lucy has a Deya, they’ve some new cans! It’s the ‘Invoice me for the microphone’ IPA. Ben starts with a big boy, a ‘Mind Control’ Double IPA from Magic Rock. Lucy...