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An Oral History Of Out of Lives

Contrary to popular belief the Out of Lives network was NOT created alongside the Bible, nor was it crafted by the angels as a source of entertainment for the masses. No, the real history is nowhere near as exciting as that, but it’s still a story that deserves to be told. So join me as we travel back in time, to see the birth of greatness.

Our story begins on a cold September’s evening in a popular podcasts Facebook fan group. A meeting took place, a meeting of like-minded individuals with one thing on their collective minds “Hey… we could podcast? How hard could it be?”

Quite hard apparently.

And so they recorded an episode and called the Podcast “The Mighty Ducks”. They did not release said episode due to it being god awful, lacking in both direction and quality and being mostly unintelligible. So they recorded another episode! Again they did not release said episode due to it being god awful, lacking in both direction and quality and being mostly unintelligible. So they recorded the third episode! This WAS released despite being god awful, lacking in both direction and quality and being mostly unintelligible.

Just like that these pioneers of podcasting officially became podcasters. Their names forever inscribed in OOL lore as Lucy, Kev, Johan and the Armless one known only as Scott. For nine episodes these legends of broadcasting cut a swath through the sea of mediocrity known as the iTunes podcasts charts. Sailing the good ship Mighty Duck from strength to strength, picking up stragglers such as Ross Miller and Correy Spearman. Life was good for the crew. But soon the good times turned, the calm seas of this analogy soon turned rough and a dark mouse shaped cloud formed on the horizon. A storm, much like winter, was coming.

On the eve of episode 10, it wasn’t just the Admins that were assembling. Rumour grew of a shadow in the west, whispers of a nameless fear. The house of mouse perceived its time had now come. For unbeknownst to the fellowship of the podcast Disney owned the trademark for “The Mighty Ducks” and they were not happy. On investigation, it transpired that Disney put out a film in 1992 about a hockey team also called The Mighty Ducks. Despite Scott’s claims that Disney had actually retroactively copied the podcast and therefore we should sue them, the team had no choice but to re-brand. The group sat down to brainstorm whilst also explaining to Scott that cryogenics was not the same as time travel.

Many Names were thrown around, “The Lion Kings”, “The Little Mermaids”, “IGN UK Podcast” alas all had been taken. But then a spark ignited into existence, deep at the back of Scott’s long-dormant brain. A whisper, a flicker of hope.

“Out Of Lives”

And from the ashes of that oh so mighty duck rose a phoenix. The Out of Lives Podcast!

Ever since that day Out Of Lives has grown into a network. Correy and Johan walked the plank and the Podcast picked up the news captain himself David Wyatt. The podcast underwent mitosis, in which chromosomes in its cell nucleus separated into two sets of podcasts, and each set ends up in its own nucleus. That’s podcast science! And now the network consists of many amazing podcasts, each unique in its own special way.

The next evolution was outoflives.net. A website made by the people (and Bob) for the people. Long have we been tired of all the other major gaming and movie sites, with their up to date news and opinions. Now Out of Lives stands among them, the true voice of a geek nation tired of the establishments.

What happened next? Well, Nearly everyone was sacked and we now crowdsource our content, restructuring to be a place where anyone can contribute and work together to be a beacon of light in the click bait sea.

And how did I know all this? Well you see, I’ve been dead the whole time……





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