Out of Lives Podcast Episode 74 – Broad Robot Venom Fist

Adam is joined, for the first time, by Alex and Allan on this weeks show!

It is a fun episode this week as your regular host, Adam, is joined by “Chief Interviewer” Alex & “Revealed a bit too much of himself” Allan.

2 Guests making their debuts on the same podcast, what a treat for them and for you dear listeners! The good news is that not much seems to have changed; there are plenty of tangents, derailments and the usual banter had.

The topics covered this week are; Robot Wars, Broadchurch, Venom & Iron Fist.

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Adam has the difficult task of being our backup Scotsman. Whilst Adam pales in comparison to his fellow country man Ross Miller he does bring something else to the table. A shit beard. Adam is a writer and currently hosts The Out of the Xfire podcast
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