Caravan Site Toilets, Videogame Violence and Dodgy Laptops

You say hi to every stranger, you ignore it when someone has a roll of tissue paper in their hand

Hear me moan,

For anyone who hasn’t holidayed at a caravan park there’s bathroom etiquette when sharing public toilets. The rules aren’t written anywhere but everyone knows how to act; you say hi to every stranger, you ignore it when someone has a roll of tissue paper in their hand (it’s obvious what they’ll be up to) and you try not to walk around barefoot because getting the floor near the showers muddy is really disrespectful!

But then there are ‘rules’ people don’t adhere to. I can’t speak for the women but the men are very vocal when they’re doing their business. I’ve never felt the need to vocalise how hard I’m pissing or how difficult a time I’m having passing a turd, but for some ungodly reason people will grunt, heave and gasp like it’s the proper thing to do. Maybe they think they’re all alone but they’re ignoring rule #1 – never assume you’re alone in a public toilet!

The BBC aired an episode of Horizon called Are Video Games Really That Bad? The episode never came to a solid conclusion. Both sides of the argument have researchers who have spent their entire lives trying to prove their point. Maybe some of them have but the truth is nobody can come to a concrete conclusion. There are too many factors to consider. Can videogames make people violent? There is evidence to suggest games can make people aggressive. Is their evidence all games make all players violent? No, there isn’t.

Another glaring problem I had with the research is how all the tests focus on how mature games affect children and teenagers. The effect on younger audiences is important because kids are being exposed to games they shouldn’t be playing but it’s ignoring a bigger problem – how are these children/teens getting hold of mature-rated games in the first place? Maybe we need to tackle that instead.

My laptop is a piece of old shit and it’s preventing me from having a good time with life. Sometimes it’ll boot up so slowly I run out of daylight hours to achieve anything. Other times it’ll take 15 minutes to load a Word document or a web browser. I daren’t use Skype because I’m worried using an app (or a program if you used PCs before 2010), a microphone and a webcam at the same time will melt the motherboard.

I have no way of releasing my pent-up rage. My only solution is to smash this fucking thing to smithereens because simply daydreaming about it gives me a tiny ray of happiness.

In other news, a real-life ninja has been protecting the streets of Warsaw, Poland. He’s been dubbed the ‘secret ninja of Grochow’ but his name is Cezary Roman and his pictures are all over the Internet. Spider-Man was never that careless.

He’s not a vigilante so comparing him to Batman would be stretching it. He dons his ninja costume as a self defence mechanism; his theory is nobody fucks with a ninja and he’s absolutely right.

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