The Weekend Mock – Witcher Dev’s Predict End of The World?

That’s right, they believe the world will come to an end

With the release of their second (and final) expansion for The Witcher 3, some startling news has slipped out from CD Projekt Red. Along with Gwent cards and a code for the expansion comes a serious prediction in the form of an expiry date.

That’s right, they believe the world will come to an end on the 19th of January 2038. The polish wizards have left cryptic clues as to what they saw to warn us of our impending doom! SHOULD WE NOT HEED THEIR MESSAGE!?

Or, they could just be predicting how long it will take me to finish off The Witcher 3.

But if the world ends on the 19th of January 2038… you heard it here, at Out of Lives courtesy of CD Projekt Red, first.


*Disclaimer – what you just read may not have been true. Please don’t quote us on any of the preceding statements or reports. We fully understand some people believe the world is flat and we reserve the right to claim idiocy on their part should they believe a word of this story. Thank you.*

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