Microsoft’s Xbox One S Leaked

Leaked Images on Xbox One S & Specficiations

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Even with E3 just beginning, the leaks still keep coming. Microsoft are rumored to announce a slimmer version of the Xbox One, as part of their E3 Conference June 13th 17.30 BST.

The leak came via the NeoGAF Forums, and highlights the leaked image of the updated console as well as a potential set of specifications for the machine. The specifications highlight a –

40% smaller console, a 2TB hardrive, support for 4K video playback and High Dynamic Range (HDR), a streamlined controller, and vertical stand

There are also reports that the Power Supply for the S will be built into the console, a first for the Xbox. Images regarding the new ‘streamlined controller’ are yet to come to light but are expected as part of Microsoft’s Conference on Monday.

Xbox One Slim Leak 2



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