Amazon Raise Xbox One S Price in the UK

Profiteering or bad news for the UK?

Internet retailer Amazon has raised the price of the 2TB Xbox One S in the UK from £349.99 to £379.99.

There isn’t any official word on the reason for the price hike, but there is speculation of a shortage of stock for the 2TB model. Retailer ‘Game’ has already sold out of the new console online and there were reports yesterday of Amazon suffering the same problem.


Recently the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset price rose in the UK from £689 to £759 and that, according to HTC, was down to the pound dropping in value against the dollar after the Brexit earlier this year. Whether this price increase is down to that or just amazon profiteering off the popularity of the updated console is yet to be seen.

The smaller 1TB and 500GB models of the Xbox One S are to be released a little later this year, whether their UK price will increase from the announced £299.99 and £249.99 is anyone’s guess but we’ll keep a close eye on the prices as they release.




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