This Week’s Movie Releases 2nd – 8th January

.......aaaaaanndd we're back!

Welcome back! This feature took a few weeks off over the holiday break but we’re back in business from this week on. Unfortunately, it turns out, the first week back is a very light one, that being said here are the films that released this week:

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Endless Poetry – 8th January (UK), (No US Release Date).

epEndless Poetry is an autobiographical piece which tells the life story of Alejandro Jodorowsky, who among many things can be described as a musician, actor, spiritual guru, poet and writer (both screen and otherwise). Jodorowsky is, of course, best known for his work on the original failed adaptation of famous sci-fi story; Dune. This is the second of Jodorowsky’s “auto-biopics”, the first of which is called The Dance Of Reality, which was released between 2013 and 2015. Interestingly the film is the product of a successful round of crowdfunding which has allowed the production to function independently, so if it’s a truly independent movie you’re looking for this week, this may be the film for you.

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Zero Days – Released: 8th July (2016, USA), 8th January (UK).

0dThe second of this week’s two films is another documentary, though with a very different subject matter. Zero Days is about a piece computer malware which was designed to take a key part of a Iranian nuclear facility, unfortunately, as the film teases, it ended up spreading beyond its initial target. The film is brought to our screens by writer/director Alex Gibney, a man who has acted as producer on a number of legendary documentaries including the BAFTA nominated: We Steal Secrets, and Oscar nominated: Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room. If his pedigree is anything to go by this could a fascinating watch, although it’s heavy subject matter might not be for all.


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