Francis Jackson

Born in the early 13th century, Francis made his fortunes selling pelts and skins. One day he came across a magical otter named Otter. This Otter, Francis discovered, could talk. The otter pleaded with Francis not to take his skin. But Francis was apprehensive, this was not the first time he had been tricked by an otter that week and he was not ready to feel that shame again. “Spare my life, and I will grant you 3 wishes. “ said the otter “But Take my coat and I will curse you for all eternity.” That night Francis settled down in front of his hearth with his brand new otter skinned slippers when he noticed he had an ingrowing toenail. It dawned on him then, that was it, the Otters curse. An ingrown toe nail for eternity. And to this day he regrets his decision. He also occasionally appears on podcasts.