Hardcore Platformer

  • 6Souls 1280x720

    6Souls Review (Xbox Series S)

    6SOULS REVIEW (XBOX SERIES S)   In this beautifully pixelated hardcore platformer, adventurer Jack and his talking canine companion Butch journey to an abandoned castle to presumably find treasure but end up stumbling into the evil plan of a warlock who has trapped the Clifford family into Soul Crystals....
  • Super Magbot 1280x720

    Hands-On: Super Magbot (Switch)

    HANDS-ON: SUPER MAGBOT (SWITCH)     Super Magbot sounds like a game that was backward-engineered from a Game Jam competition. In this environmental platformer Super Magbot must journey across various planets without jumping. That might seem strange for a platformer, where one of the traditional core mechanics is jumping...
  • Glyph 1280x720

    Glyph Review (Switch)

    GLYPH REVIEW (SWITCH)   In this rolling puzzle platformer a robotic dung beetle called Anobi wakes Glyph up from a deep sleep to help aid it in finding the lost Temple City of Aaru. Buried under the sand by a corrupt machine, Glyph must restore the Temple of Aaru...