A Quite Place – Movie Review

This Generations Alien!

A Quite Place is directed by John Krasinski and stars himself and Emily Blunt and some terrific young actors who play a family trapped in a world which has been overrun by monsters, these monsters are susceptible to sound with the slightest noise drawing them in.

This is a nerve shredding thriller tense from the opening scene to the very end, Krasinski proves himself to be a more than capable director, maximizing the suspense by choosing what he focuses on.

When he reveals things to the audience versus when he reveals them to the characters really effects the suspense level, the scenes with the creatures are rarely about the creatures they’re about the characters, this isn’t just a monster movie.

This film benefits with a talented cast and one simple concept taken to its extremes, from the opening scene the stakes are established, and the threat is very real. It’s clear that even the slightest sound could result in death, and with that there is a considerable level of fear throughout every scene as these characters use sign language, body language and facial expressions so that we understand the story and even the subtle character nuances without needing words.

Since the characters live in this world they’ve change their way of life which is one of the best things about this film. From using a lettuces leaf to eat their food off to how they play a board game, everything has been well thought out and written.

For the most part the characters make valid and smart choices, where as other horror movies have us often angry with the people on screen, completely baffled by the idiotic decisions they make. But here everyone seems to have a pretty good head on their shoulders, having constructed a complex system around their farm that helps warn each other if something’s wrong.

This is a suspense driven thriller with some really good scares, terrific performances across the board Krasinski really does a lot of great things on the screen and this is probably because as a director he knows exactly what this film needs, Emily Blunt is amazing as well and they have great chemistry which shouldn’t be a surprise as they are a couple in real life.

This is a great old fashion thriller ride, that will grab you from the beginning and never let’s go of you until the film finishes.


Final Verdict

Should you go watch A Quite Place? Most Definitely

Why? This is a simple and to the points thriller that doesn’t try to be anything else, and it’s all the better for that.

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