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Hello and welcome to Part 3, the final part of my E3 reaction blogs. If you haven’t read the others then I suggest you keep scrolling down until you...

Hello and welcome to Part 3, the final part of my E3 reaction blogs. If you haven’t read the others then I suggest you keep scrolling down until you have caught up and then re-join me. Okay so this entry is dedicated to the new games that really caught my eye at this E3, the ones I’m hoping to be talking about in greater detail soon and then playing and telling you all about that too! In the modern world of gaming new IP’s are fewer and far between than they used to be, more and more games we have seen are sequels, remakes or reboots so when we do get some they tend to really catch our attention. So here are the ones that I felt stood out from the crowd.


A first person experience that looks to have as interesting a story as it does a wonderful world to explore, the art direction is immense and the tease of a trailer has me super excited to learn more. Who was in the tower? I bloody well want to find out! I didn’t really understand this game before I saw it at Sony’s conference, but the interaction between the player character and the walkie-talkie lady seems very deep and well thought out, I can’t wait to see this relationship develop and see the character progress. It’s an interesting world and that’s exactly what I want in my games.


A lovely surprise from Microsoft, Recore looks like it will be pulling on your heart strings quite a bit as you and the main character make and develop friendships with these good robots as you face off against the bad ones. There is a lot of room to do some magical things with this concept of the cores being moveable from different robot bodies but maintaining the same consciousness and personality. It could be as heart-warming and lovely to experience as the very best Pixar films. I’ll be stealing my friends Xbone to give this a go, or I’ll catch it on PC if it’s being released there too but one way or another I’ll be playing it!

For Honor (Damn American spelling)

A bloody battle sim where player controlled “heroes” can cut down the fodder in there hundreds or face off against one another in epic duels to the death… It’s an interesting spin on the usual form of these games, based on medieval battles. It looks brutal, bloody and full of gore and dismemberments. I love it already, I want to see more, it came across as a little light on content although I’m sure there is more they just aren’t ready to show yet. It’s my sort of game that is for sure.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

The Woolly cuteness almost killed me. I had to sit on my hands to stop myself pre-ordering it and a console to play it on. It’s a stroke of genius to build an entire game as if it’s really made of wool, everything looks soft and bounces as the characters move around, it is stupidly lovely to behold and I almost hate Nintendo for making it because now I want it that badly and I know I can’t afford it.

Sea of Thieves

Another game for the Xbone I want (a recurring theme this year) to play the shit out of. Pirate ships, mutinies, betrayal, treasure, battles, boarding and all set in a fantastic visual style marking the welcome return of Rare to proper gaming free of the heavy shackles of the Kinect. This game has been a long time coming for Rare and I’m sure all those pent up creative juices have been released full flood into this game. It will be fantastic without a doubt, Rare rarely fail.


Media Molecule decided to show everyone what a Claymation like art style acid trip would look like with their trailer for Dreams. On stage the man said what they wanted was to get us all thinking and asking questions. Well that’s what I’ve been doing; what the hell? Who thought of that? How does it work? Has everything in it got such a creepy feel? When can I give it a go? Will there be a sequel called Nightmares? I want answers to all these questions and I’m sure you do too. Unfortunately there isn’t much else to say other than check out the trailer if you haven’t already here,

There we go, E3 is definitely over now although there is plenty more to talk about over the next few months courtesy of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) announcements. I also expect there to be plenty more controversy to engulf the industry in one form or another as it always does, just this week in fact Bungie have created quite a storm.

Stay tuned for more of my thoughts on all things Games, Gamers and Gaming, there will be a new blog next Thursday as we return to the regular schedule after the E3 mayhem!

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As always thanks for taking the time to read this.

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