Star Wars Battlefront – The Force Is Strong With This One

When ‘whooshing’ of Tie fighters and the ‘pewing’ of the blasters die down, the façade of Battlefront will need to be backed up by solid gameplay

Those visitors who visited for the first ever post to the blog will be aware that its debut article was a mini-review of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta so it seems fitting that in the week of its release, Mete-Critic revisits SWBF for a full preview!

SWBF will be a good game and some may even find it a great one. In the console generation where the online multiplayer FPS category seems a little saturated (Destiny, Titanfall, COD etc), SWBF will have that something ‘special’ in its favour. The emotional attachment people have with the Star Wars universe will play a huge roll in the success of this game and whether the engagement with it will last over a sustained period of time.

When ‘whooshing’ of Tie fighters and the ‘pewing’ of the blasters die down, the façade of Battlefront will need to be backed up by solid gameplay; and I think it does that. Not being a “fanboy” of FPS games (especially those with a core online multiplayer emphasis), I found myself strangely enamoured to return to the game again and again over the Beta period. Was this because of the time constraints to play? Or was this through sheer enjoyment? (Probably a bit of the first- but definitely more of the latter)

The Lucas Arts propaganda machine is now in full swing following the release of more trailers for The Force Awakens and the impact the revival of the films will have on sales should not be underestimated. SWBF is widely being accepted as a casual game which won’t have its owners delving in to 50+ hours of story driven narrative to an attempt to reach an ultimate goal. Yes the levelling up method within the game will have some gamers hooked to progress their character to the next unlockable weapons or items, but that’s not its main draw. SWBF accepts that it is going to be the game that you can pick up and play for a short period of time, step away, and then return when you get another wave of cravings for intergalactic warfare. And it does so very, very well. Although at the writing of this article it’s not entirely certain how the servers will react on full release, the speed at which players were able to load up and get straight into a game during the beta were more than acceptable.


Now with only a handful of modes available in the Beta you were able to get a sneak peek at some of the other modes which will be available so let’s take a brief look at some of the confirmed multiplayer modes that will be in the full release:

• Fighter Squadron – Sees you take to the skies (and space?!) in air to air combat

• Supremacy – A 40 vs 40 map where domination of particular areas of the map will lead to success.

• Cargo – A stereotypical Capture the Flag mode with an intergalactic twist.

• Droid run – A 6 vs 6 map where players aim to take charge of a number of droids on the map

• Walker Assault – Another 40 vs 40 map where AT-AT’s and AT-ST’s come out to play

• Blast – A nice and simple 10 vs 10 Classic death match

• Hero Hunt – A 7 vs 1 scenario where you are attempting to kill the Hero (or Villain), and once successful it’s your turn to become the hunted as you try to stay alive.


Another interesting facet which SWBF brings to the fray is its ability to play as some of the major characters within the Star Wars universe. For those of you who were unable to play the Beta, randomly spawned tokens throughout the games meant that players were able to take control of some of the icons from the Star Wars universe for a period of time, taking advantage of skills and weapons unique to that character. Confirmed so far are:

• Luke Skywalker

• Darth Vader

• Princess Leia

• Han Solo

• Emperor Palpatine

• Boba Fett


Do not be illusioned. If this was another Battlefield game of course it would be successful. Fans loyal to the franchise would purchase whilst picking up some new favour on the way with others, but it’s the Star Wars link which will truly take this experience to the next level. The game has seemed to have done well to hone its offer to a particular target audience with its focus on online multiplayer modes, but it’s link to the franchise means that it will have more reach than the Star Wars ‘Empire’ (you’re welcome) would have expected; a casual game, for casual gamers which will attract the casual Star Wars fan. Surely a recipe for success?!

Great Game? Yes.

Game of the Year? No.

Blasters at the ready…

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