Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 2 – Review/Recap



Episode one of season six left a lot up in the air concerning some of our main players, but what it lacked in character development it more than made up for in shock value. With those thoughts and images still in the forefront of our minds episode two had a lot of explaining to do. Unfortunately for us the whole #LeaveTheNecklaceOn event wasn’t addressed but the episode more than made up for that by starting and ending a number of long running storylines which erased any lingering memories of old lady Melisandre. Do I need to mention that ending as well? Plenty happened this week and you can find the breakdown below.

Episode 2 – Homecoming  *Spoilers Ahead*


Bran/Three-Eyed Raven/Meera Reed/Hodor

vlcsnap-2016-05-03-14h38m47s345Episode two started with Bran Stark, the boy (or man now?), that has been conspicuous by his absence. Missing from the entirety of season five and the opening episode Bran has apparently been in training, hanging onto trees and spying on his elders. The episode opened up with a vision of the past, at first I thought it may have been a vision of Bran’s past but as it progressed we learnt it was a vision of his father Eddard, his Uncle Benjen and his mythical Aunt Lyanna as children. Perhaps this is a sign of more flashbacks to come. Not only did we get treated to a tiny piece of the Stark backstory we also got to see a young Rodrik Cassel (The man beheaded by Theon at Winterfell), and more importantly Hodor, or should I call him Willis. Now we know Hodor could speak it’ll be interesting to see where and when he lost that ability.

Outside of the tree cave Meera seems to be questioning  her role with Bran but the strange looking child of the forest tells her Bran will need her help. Does this mean she will have a bigger part to play than what we think?


Well his head exploded a bit more than I expected. Yes Cersei’s new bodyguard smashed someones head in for either talking smack about Cersei’s walk of shame or because he peed on his boots. JCTWhatever the reason I’m sure we all have an idea of Robert Strong’s/The Mountain’s strength again as some may have forgotten about the beheading of a horse (unlikely). Back from his kill Robert Strong witnesses Cersei, ordered by King Tommen, be confined to her room for her own safety. The High Sparrow doesn’t want her to set foot in the Sept which means she doesn’t get to say goodbye to her daughter Myrcella. Jaime and King Tommen are in the Sept however and this is where Tommen admits to Jaime he’s been weak allowing for his wife and mother to be arrested by the Faith Militant. Jaime urges him to go speak to his mother and ask for forgiveness to which he complies. Its about time the lad grew some, we went from a raving lunatic to a timid Dormouse.

As Tommen leaves the High Sparrow enters and him and Jaime share a few words. Knowing this is the man who tortured and embarrassed his sister/lover, Jamie threatens his life but he’s quickly surrounded by the Faith Militant. Knowing he is outnumbered Jaime backs off, the High Sparrow, now a little cocky, tells Jaime “we can overthrow an empire”. At this point it looks as though the High Sparrow is starting to enjoy the power he has. His humility is being replaced with cockiness and smirks. I really don’t think he has long left in this world.

Tommen reaches his mother and explains that he knows he’s been weak, Cersei forgives him and promises to help Tommen become strong. This could be another recipe for disaster.


vlcsnap-2016-05-03-15h38m47s187The man who drinks and knows things learns that Astapor and Yunkai has been taken back by the Masters and with no fleet, after it was incinerated, he realises he’s completely useless. Tyrion then asks about the two dragons that are locked in the dungeons. He’s told that they are not eating, Tyrion argues that they can’t let the Dragons starve and that they don’t do well in captivity and so he makes the brave decision of going down to free them from their chains. He tells Varys and the others gathered that Dragons are intelligent and that they will know he’s a friend and that he’s there to help them, so they wont kill him. 

Tyrion enters the dungeon and slowly approaches the two beasts chained up. He tries to soothe them, and himself, by telling the story of his name day and how he cried himself to sleep when he didn’t receive a dragon. Amazingly it works and Tyrion frees them from their chains without being turned in to dinner. This has left many to believe the theory of Tyrion being a Targaryen is much more plausible. Why didn’t the dragons cook him straight away like they do everyone else? Are they smart enough to know Tyrion is a friend? I’m still holding out for Tyrion to ride one of those beautiful dragons.


Guess who’s back, back again. Yes that damned Waif to kick Arya’s arse yet again. As Arya receives another beating she is suddenly stopped by Jaquin H’gar catching her stick. He offers her food, vlcsnap-2016-05-03-15h48m01s437shelter and her eyesight back only if she will say her name, but she resists the temptation. 

Has Arya finally accepted her faceless persona? Or is Arya playing the long game? Does she want this training in order to finish her list? If she has truly committed to the Faceless God I expect to see her throw away Needle in the very near future. If not then well.. Arya Stark is still alive in there somewhere.

We will see the kickass Arya very soon.


vlcsnap-2016-05-03-16h12m47s353Back in Winterfell, it’s all looking up for Lord Roose Bolton, he plans to consolidate his power with the help of the Karstarks and other former Stark bannermen. His wife, Lady Walder, has given birth to a baby boy. A shocked Ramsey gracefully gives his father a congratulatory hug. Sensing Ramsey’s frustration Roose tells him that he will always be his first born. It’s a truly touching scene until Ramsey sticks Roose with his knife, killing him. Ramsey quickly implements a cover story that Roose was poisoned at the hands of their enemies.

I personally thought Roose’s death was a bit anticlimactic and hoped it would of been a bit more poignant. Roose was an ‘evil’ character but I think his death deserved to be more spectacular. However I think many of us called Ramsey would be the one to do it. It’s obvious that everyone’s afraid of Ramsey, with good reason, and it’ll be interesting to see if anyone questions his so called cover story. Ramsey now has free reign to do as he pleases, with his number one priority being to head North to kill a certain bastard. 

Fresh off the kill of his father Ramsey leads his step mum and new born brother into the kennels where he keeps his bloodthirsty hounds. “He’s your brother” Lady Walder begs. Which gets her nowhere. The camera settles on Ramsey’s sadistic face as he watches them both get eaten alive by his hounds with the words “I prefer being an only child” ringing in our ears. Oh Ramsey, do you even have a line that you can’t cross? At this point i would say no.


We saw very little of the dynamic foursome this week. After their escape from the Bolton guards we join them setting up a fire to try and get warm. Brienne tells Sansa that she came across Aryavlcsnap-2016-05-03-16h26m04s240 but she disappeared but she fails to mention she killed the man (The Hound), she was with. Sansa then admits she has regret for not going with Brienne the first time she offered. 

Sansa’s plan is to head North to Castle Black and join her brother Jon Snow but Theon has other plans. He tells Sansa he is going to head home. Initially I took this to mean the Iron Islands but then it occurred to me that he could be talking about Winterfell. Is Theon going to head back to buy Sansa some time and also to get his revenge on Ramsey? It’s very much up in the air and I could be swayed either way. If he does head back to the Iron Islands he may be in for a shock and maybe even a promotion.

Balon/Yara Greyjoy

vlcsnap-2016-05-03-16h45m23s633After a brief disagreement with Yara about the castles and territories they’re losing now the war has ended, Balon meets his long-lost younger brother, Euron, on a creaky and dangerous looking suspension bridge. “You’re old brother. You’ve had your time” Euron tells Balon as he moves closer, Balon taken aback by his insult recalls a story of how Euron lost his mind during a storm “What kind of an Iron born loses his sense during a storm” Balon quips back. “I am the storm” Euron replies “The first storm and the last, and you’re in my way“, he then proceeds to throw Balon over the side and on to the rocks below. Harsh.

The next morning, Balon is wrapped in seaweed and wood and buried at sea, the waves taking him in the Ironborn tradition. Yara thinks she should be the new ruler, but this is up to the nobles to decide. “Perhaps you’ll be the first woman to rule the Ironborn. Perhaps you’ll not

The Salt Throne is now up for grabs and it currently looks like a three horse race; Yara, Euron and Theon. With the Iron born getting a new leader I feel as though they’ll now play a bigger part in the story to come. And don’t forget they have ships but no army and over in Meereen there’s an Unsullied army with no ships. Looks like a match made in heaven.


Castle Black/Jon Snow/Davos/Melisandre

Ser Alliser Thorne, the biggest traitor in the north, and the rest of the Night’s Watch backstabbers prepare to break down the door to get Jon Snow’s body. Davos unsheathes Longclaw and tells the vlcsnap-2016-05-03-17h13m07s715men in the room with him “I’ve never been much of a fighter, apologies for what you are about to see”. Alliser Thorne begins to beat down the door and the men inside stand ready to fight to the death. All of a sudden they hear another bang at the gates. In an explosion of wood and metal Wun Wun comes charging through accompanied by the Wildlings, Edd reached them in time and has come to save the day. The Night’s Watch doesn’t even put up a fight. One silly guy decides to shoot an arrow at the giant Wun Wun, bad mistake, Wun Wun goes all hulk on him and smashes him against the wall. The remaining Night’s Watchmen drop their weapons and surrender, except for Olly who takes a swing and a miss at Tormund Giantsbane. The traitorous scum are sent to the cells while Tormund, the leader of the Wildlings, goes to inspect Jon’s body. 

This is where we see Ser Davos seeking the counsel of Melisandre who is back looking fresh as a strawberry after last week’s horrifying ending. Melisandre admits that there are some other priests who have the power to raise the dead, which we have seen before. “If you want to help him, leave him be”, she tells Davos. Melisandre appears to have lost her faith and who could blame her with how wrong she was about Stannis and Jon. But Davos hasn’t got time for her problems. In a complete twist Davos encourages her to use her magic, going against everything he has stood for previously.

Melisandre washes the blood from Jon’s wounds and begins chanting a prayer whilst giving him a hair and beard cut. She gains more and more urgency with each chorus of the prayer, while Davos, Tormund and the others stand about looking concerned that it isn’t working. Melisandre slows her words and it appears the spell failed, everyone is disappointed and leaves the room, Davos being last. He gazes at Jon’s body one more time and leaves too.

As ghost laid still on the floor I questioned as to whether this was actually going to happen. Were the theories wrong? Had Game of Thrones got another one up on me? As the questions flew through my mind the camera panned across the room when suddenly I noticed Ghost lift his head. I felt a sudden rush of excitement, is this it? The camera floated above Jon’s face when suddenly he took the breath, the breath millions of people have been wanting and praying for for the past year. HE’S ALIVE!!

Now let the speculation begin. Will Jon be the same person? Will he head to Winterfell now he has technically died and is released from his vow with the Nights Watch? Will he stay where he is or even head north to meet the White Walkers head on? Is Jon Jesus? All valid questions and ones I cannot wait to be answered. Another thing i can’t wait for is Alliser’s, Olly’s, Davos’ and Tormund’s reaction to the resurrection. It gon’ be good!

There we have it, episode two, and what a fantastic episode it was. Six deaths this week including a King and the Warden of the North. We also had two deaths that show the strength of two characters that have big things in their future. Wun Wun’s being my personal favourite; that guy really messed up. As for absentees, the only notable ones were Daenerys and Petyr Baelish. We are yet to see what that silver tongued snake has been up to. Overall it was a really strong episode and one that I think will be talked about for a while. Thanks for reading.

Valar Morghulis


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