Is Horizon: Zero Dawn Still a 2016 Release

More hints point to a release date of Horizon: Zero Dawn

When Guerrilla Games showed us Horizon: Zero Dawn everyone got excited. The new IP is a Action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic open world.

You play as Aloy, a skilled hunter who is using her cunning agility and speed to stay alive, colossal mechanized creatures roam the landscape that they have taken from the grip of mankind.

Human evolution has taken a step backwards (or forwards) and regressed to a tribal hunter-gatherer existence, surviving in various enviroments  while the savage machines have become all-powerful. Your quest is to search for ancient artefacts that unlock the secrets to a civilisation that has been forgotten over time. You will learn about new technologies on your quest, above all though, you must stay alive.

Recently news has been going around that the highly anticipated open world RPG has been delayed till 2017 due to the possible release of The Last Guardian and PSVR later in the year. It was also reported that Horizon: Zero Dawn was being delayed in order to accommodate Playstation 4.5 (Neo). However no official statement has been published by Guerrilla Games.

Now with the Release of Unchartered 4 today, a post on NeoGaf shows a flyer inside the case of a french copy of the game showing a 2016 release date.

c5M4V84Picture courtesy of NeoGaf

With E3 just around the corner lets hope we see more in game footage and a 2016 release date.


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