Tetris Movie Gets $80 Million Budget…

So this is a thing...

The classic Game Boy game Tetris was a huge success, securing the Gameboys position as the must have gadget. You would be hard pushed to find a gamer who has not played some iteration of the smash hit. Well a movie based on the game will begin shooting in China next year in what is by far the strangest video game adaptation yet.

The movie, A co-production between China and the U.S, will star both Chinese and Western actors. It has scored $80 Million in Funding and a has the story already written. Stranger yet is that the film is part of a trilogy.

Just imagine this... on the big screen!

Just imagine this… on the big screen!

Bruno Wu, Chinese billionaire and media giant, Is leading the project with a Larry Kasanoff acting as a producer. Kasanoff’s has previously worked on other video gam adaptations such as 1995’s Mortal Kombat movie. Kasanoff plans to turn Tetris into an “epic sci-fi thriller”.

You couldnt make it up!


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