Arrested Development Season 5 Is Coming

According To Its Creator...

Mitch Hurwitz has said that a fifth series of the acclaimed comedy will “definitely happen” and considering he is the Arrested Development creator, we can safely believe him.

“It’ll happen. It’ll definitely happen,” Hurwitz explained to Esquire. “I say that because the actors want to do it, the studio wants to do it, Netflix wants to do it, I want to do it. It’s just making it happen. There’s no one resisting.”


This is Mitch Hurwitz, in case you was wondering.


Hurwitz also spoke about the fourth season, revealing he had created a re-cut version which places it in chronological order.

“We redid all the narration and reshot a few little things. Now we have 22 episodes, and they’re delightful to watch and they’re much less work than the Netflix series. My hope is we’ll find a place to air those.”

Hurwitz has has claimed Season 5 would be a serialised murder-mystery comparable to Netflix’s other hit show Making a Murderer. What do you think? Should the cult series be revived again?


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