The Division 1.2 Gear Updates

We have the rundown

As of tomorrow the wait will be over and we’ll get to see the biggest update to The Division since launch. The latest patch 1.2 will deliver a number of new gear sets to collect while fighting in the Dark Zone.

Details released of the gear are as follows:

Hunter’s Faith – Long range

Set Bonus 2: 20% Marksmen Rifle critical hit damage
Set Bonus 3: 20% Damage to elite
Set Bonus 4: Every time you land a shot depending on the distance to the target, it will give you Damage Resistance against enemy weapon damage – you can go above 75% Damage Mitigation. The additional armor disappears after one bullet hits you


Lone Star – DPS

Set Bonus 2: 100% Ammo Capacity
Set Bonus 3: 1000 LMG Damage
Set Bonus 3: 1000 Shotgun Damage
Set Bonus 4: Every time you holster a weapon it will automatically be reloaded


Final Measure – Defensive

Set Bonus 2: 50% Exotic Damage Resilience
Set Bonus 3: 15% Protection from Elites
Set Bonus 4: When you you damage a player or an NPC with a grenade, you get a defuse buff, that allows you to defuse enemy grenades. When you defuse an enemy grenade it also gives you a grenade. (Also works with mortars in Falcon Lost)


Predator’s Mark – Support

Set Bonus 2: 20% Optimal Range
Set Bonus 3: 800 Assault Rifle Damage
Set Bonus 3: 700 Pistol Damage
Set Bonus 4: Every time you hit 10 Bullets without switching the target, will apply bleed to the target. The bleed damage will be 100% of the damage already done by the bullets


The Division


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