Play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 5 Days Early

Available on EA Access

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set to launch on June 7th in the US and June 9th in the UK, but you’ll be able to play the game 5 days earlier.



Gamers who are subscribed to EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC will be able to play an early trial version of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from June 2nd. The trial period will last 6 hours unlike the usual 10 hour trial previous games have received. This change could be due to the length of the game and the worry that players will complete the game in the trial period. There hasn’t been any official announcement from Dice or EA as to the exact length of the game, however they have said that ‘the world will be large and explorable’.

EA access will be free to all Xbox Live Gold owners for 10 days in June, but unfortunately not in time to get the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trial early.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is already available for Pre-order and Pre-download for those wanting to get ready for the big release.


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