Uncharted 4 – First Week Sales

Good News For Nathan

Millions of gamers worldwide have joined Nathan Drake on his global adventures across the globe. It’s hard to believe that his latest adventure was released 2 weeks ago on Playstation 4. News has been released that  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End exceeded 2.7 million units globally (both Blu-Ray and digital combined). In the North American region, Uncharted 4 is the fastest-selling PS4 first party title to-date.


This current iteration of the popular PS4 franchise is currently sitting on a 93% rating on Metacritic, which is slightly behind Uncharted 2’s 96%, but ahead of Uncharted 3’s 92% and the original Uncharted’s 88%.

Special congratulations goes to Naughty Dog for this incredible feat. The success of the game is a testament to the team at Naughty Dog and their  commitment to bringing the best they can to their fans.


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