Score Rush Extended Announce Trailer Released

Empower the player.

Score Rush Extended has been announced for the PS4 with a newly released trailer.

The game is described as an “award winning, 4-player” shoot ’em up. The game is developed by Xona Games who explain that their “empower the player philosophy” allows the game to be difficult but beatable. They say: “No gimmicks. No hidden points or bonuses. To get the highest score, dominate the game”.

The game will have 1-4 players and will run at 60 Frames Per Second. A release date has yet to be announced.


Cameron McCulloch-Keeble is a writer, filmmaker and podcaster, He has a degree in film from Birmingham City University and has written for the official website of Empire Magazine. When he's not writing, talking or shooting he's trying to think of a better twitter handle than his current @CaptainZep
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