Free Halo 5 Expansion Details – Out Today

New Warthogs!

The highly anticipated free Halo 5 expansion ‘Hog Wild’ lands today and will introduce new items for players to use in multiplayer. This new update brings new Warthogs, a hybrid weapon scope, new armour and much more.

Hog Wild is the second free expansion to reach Halo 5 fans this month with Memories of Reach releasing earlier in May.

All the new gear

All the new gear


Halo fans can look forward to another free expansion coming at the end of June called ‘Warzone Firefight Expansion’ which 343 Studios has said is their largest yet.

“Warzone Firefight will include the PvE mode with a variety of maps to play on, new game updates and features, Warzone and Arena maps, a plethora of Forge updates (including a new canvas and more), new Rews, and plenty more,”

With the announcement of Halo Forge coming to PC and this being Halo’s 6th free update, I’m sure fans are loving the approach 343 is taking regarding Halo 5 and it’s DLC.

Halo 5: Guardians – Hog Wild REQ Drop Launch Trailer


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