Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault Priced and Dated

Bringing the Land portion of "Air Land and Sea"

Originally posted by Scott Sedman

Just Cause 3’s DLC is all about air land and sea, in fact the expansion pass is literally called that. The first piece of DLC saw Rico soaring to the air and taking on the Sky Fortress with a jetpack in the style of Marvels Falcon. The next DLC is naturally the land aspect, and does so by adding the island of Lacrima to the expansive playground of chaos.

Just Cause MLA

Mech Land Assault adds a host of new features and enemies into the fray such as a gravity gun, a ground pound move, and a mech companion you can call into battle…because who doesn’t love robot companions of destruction? No one.

Just Cause MLA Robots

If you own The Air, Land and Sea expansion pass (£19.99) you can enjoy the carnage from the 3rd of June however if you want to buy it individually (£9.49) you can play it from the 10th. The Sea expansion will be coming to cool you off later this summer.

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