The Order 1886 Dev Reveals New Game (Trailer)

Multiplayer Mayhem

Ready at Dawn has announced their newest title and it seems they’ve decided to go in the complete opposite direction of their former game ‘The Order 1886’.

The new game is called Deformers and is an “arena melee combat game” as Ru Weerasuriya, chief creative officer and president of Ready at Dawn told GamesBeat.

“We’ve always taken a different path from what people expect. We’ve done platformers (Daxter), action games (God of War: Chains of Olympus), and third-person shooters (The Order: 1886). Now we’ve got an arena melee combat game.”

The creatures in the game are called a “Form” and let players jump, roll, dash, shoot, throw and defend. The game allows for 8 player online multiplayer or 4 player local split-screen.

Ru went on to say,

“That feeling of playing couch games like Mario Kart is something we have held very close in our hearts, this is a game that allows for that. We are trying to recapture that, with up to four people on a couch.

The game is being published by Gamestop’s new publishing division ‘GameTrust’. There is no official release date as of yet.




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