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Madden NFL 17 is the next step forward in the world of American football games. Every year EA make significant improvements to what is already a well-established series of games and this year’s installment doesn’t seem to disappoint.

Already revealed earlier this year New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski makes the cover with no public vote this time around.


Madden NFL 17 coming first to Xbox One via EA Access

With a redesigned and better Franchise Mode on the way, other updates to the game include a new Ball Carrier UI which will be a big help in teaching players available moves and a new Path Assist which will help with navigation and anticipation downfield.

Showcased at EA Play, players had more of a chance to look at what else developers have added to the game. Being led in game by the brand new commentary team of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis, EA introduces Play the Moments into their Franchise mode. This feature allows players to simulate through the game but will let us take control during the key stages of the game such as key 3rd downs and game winning drives for example which will allow for a more condensed and quicker season.

New features are not limited to on the field however as Franchise mode introduces improved game-planning which will give in game boosts as well as compliment your team’s strengths and exploit the opponents weaknesses. Continuing off field improvements, Madden implements some of the features in our 10 changes we’d like to see from Madden 17 list with focus being on Big Decisions which effect the personnel side of things including bringing back players from injury, signing free agents, negotiating new contracts and more. EA are really pushing the boat out with what they are saying is three years worth of hard work to bring people an even more advanced American football experience.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will have some additional features also which fans have been requesting for some time practice squads, full player editing and a dynamic score ticker.

Madden NFL 16 is free to play on EA Access with 17 going to be available for members to play before it releases on August 23 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

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