10 changes we’d like to see from Madden 17

EA Sports, are these in the game?

Originally posted by Michael Allen

American Football has a small but growing following here in the UK, a group I have been a devout member of for many years. But my love for the game did not start from watching pigskin, it started by playing it. The NFL Blitz 2000 PC demo was the first time I was ever exposed to the NFL, playing as teams from places apparently called Denver and Green Bay which, at the time, may just as well have been on a different planet to 10 year old me.

What follows from there are countless hours, days, weeks or even months worth of playing Madden over 4 console generations alongside my brothers and every year we always have the same discussion, “How good would it be if…”. So with that in mind, here at 10 changes we’d like to see from Madden NFL 17…

Madden 17 First Look Trailer


1. A more in depth franchise mode

As franchise modes go in sporting titles, Madden is already pretty in depth but there is so much more to the NFL than the 52 man roster. Scouting teams, practice squads, media interviews, contract meetings and trade negotiations are just a few improvements I’d personally like to see to make Madden 17’s franchise mode the best it’s ever been.

2. Improved ‘Be a player’ mode

Yes, yes. I know. There is no ‘be a player’ mode in Madden, I know. It’s all there in the connected franchise now but there used to be and I loved it! Even with the comparatively limited power the previous consoles had, we were given small options like what house we lived in. Basically what I want is a Madden career mode akin to what we see in NBA 2k games.

3. Kicking

For the past few off seasons the NFL competition committee have talked about kicking and it’s relevance in NFL today. Well, in Madden there is nothing more irrelevant than PAT’s and field goals. It’s simply too easy, too automatic, too…well, tedious! The mechanics for the actual kick doesn’t have to necessarily be changed, just make it easier to block!

4. Home and away

Seattle Seahawks 12’s are one of the loudest crowds in the NFL but you wouldn’t know it in Madden!

Whether you’re playing at Lambeau Field, Gillette Stadium or Centurylink Field the atmosphere is always the same. It would be awesome if home field actually meant something in Madden 17 and it had a real impact on the offence resulting in more false starts and players running the wrong plays for example. Something as simple as the screen shaking when on offence could make the the atmosphere of the crowd be felt more!

5. NCAA License

With the first pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Rams select….Randomly Generated Name! I’d love to see EA to combine the licenses of NCAA Football and Madden so we can finally be provided with real player names and abilities for upcoming drafts. Sure, we would still be limited to the first couple of seasons, but that would still be a vast improvement.

6. Team History mode

What Miami Dolphins’ fan wouldn’t want to play through as NFL’s first and last perfect team?

This one is a real pipe dream, but boy it would be awesome! I want to suggest a mode where you can select the year to start from and you can play through your teams entire history using the correct rosters for each of those years! It would be so much fun!

7. Online Co-op

If there is one thing I love to do in Madden more than anything else, it’s playing through a franchise cooperatively alongside my brother. Me as the offensive juggernaut, he as the defensive mastermind! While being able to do exactly that is unlikely, just playing on the same time should not be!

8. Better Commentary

Simple. To the point. Nothing more to add. Madden 17 needs better commentary!

9. Improved weather system

Whenever there is a new car game coming out, they always like to tout how amazing their dynamic weather is however it is yet to be introduced in Madden. So many games change because of rainfall or the wind picking up mid game, making running the ball vital as throwing becomes harder. Not to worry in Madden! Sure it rains and snows, sure it makes the field a bit muddy too, but it only changes aesthetically and doesn’t make a difference to the game.

10. Aggressive Catches

You’re good Alshon, but not THAT good…

“Holy shit, did you see that!?” Well, yeah…every game actually… The aggressive catch is without a doubt a great addition, but it can happen at any point by seemingly anybody. It makes sense when Odell Beckham Jr. does it,  a little less when Anquan Boldin goes up there and pulls off a stunner! No offense Anquan….father time is undefeated is all…

It is far too late in development for changes now and we’ll see just what changes EA Sport’s has made to Madden NFL 17 when it releases on 23rd August 2016.

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  • Steve Allen
    29 May 2016 at 4:23 pm
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    I’ve never been called a defensive mastermind before! But I like 🙂

    Some great points, I’d also like to add to the list tattoos on players to give them a realistic feel and not be so generic. Small simple change but would make it look more ‘real’

    Homefield advantage absolutely! In NBA 2k16 the screen shakes like there’s an earthquake running through town when you have a free throw and are the away team!

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