Microsoft Announces Live Improvements

Changes to Xbox Live Coming This Autumn

In addition to improvements from Microsoft such as Play Anywhere, Microsoft have also announced improvements coming to the Xbox Live network this Autumn.

Not only the previously announced background music, Cortana and Language Region Independence, Xbox has announced new changes for every gamer for every game.

Clubs on Xbox Live – Creating groups and communities on Live will allow players to set up groups of like-minded players to help players meet friends online.

Looking For Group on Xbox Live – Players can set a note when they are looking for other players. By setting your own requirements along with a small advert, you can find players quickly to play with.

Arena on Xbox Live – Xbox’s own tournament platform allows players to discover, register for and compete in tournaments, all on the Live network, for solo play or with friends. Not just restricted to Xbox exclusives, major publishers are also signed up to the scheme, including EA, with FIFA coming soon to the programme.

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