New E3 Pokemon Sun and Moon Details

More About The Battle System, And Battle Royal Mode!

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Nintendo has announced some new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon titles.

First off it has been confirmed that Zygarde will play an important role in the new games, and will be featured in it’s 10% and Perfect forme. There was discussion of the new Legendaries and Zygarde being regarded as deities, so it shall be interesting to see how that fits into the story.

Some gameplay was shown and the discussion turned to creating the new starter trio, and while no evolutions were shown, it was explained that a lot of work has gone in to creating a selection of Pokemon with broad universal appeal. Detail was put in to making sure that all of the Pokemon move in believable ways.

It was also revealed that while the new protagonist will be dressed appropriately for the climate, the ability to customise their clothing will be available. The player will also now move in a full analogue fashion, so no more hidden grid squares to deal with. To help with this addition, if you are about to walk into the gaze of another trainer wanting to battle, the screen will dim, and a shadow will appear around the edge of the display to inform you of the impending battle, and give you enough warning to move out of the way, or heal up beforehand.


Two new Pokemon were also shows, the woodpecker Pikipik, and the ferret like Yungoos, both of which are able to be found in the wild near the start of the game. These Pokemon can be tracked on the new Rotum Pokedex, which will not only track which Pokemon you have seen or caught, but is now able to provide mission updates, and suggestions on where to go next. This is yet another way that the folks at Game Freak are trying to make this entry into the series more accessible to new or younger audiences.

The updated battle system was also shown, with a great similarity to X and Y, a few new elements have been added to help new players. An information button has been added to each move which will allow users to quickly check what each move does. Also, if you’ve battled a specific Pokemon before, you will be able to see which one of your moves will be Effective, or Super Effective.


Finally, a new battle mode was shown called Battle Royal, which will feature four players (either online or locally) battling against each other. Each trainer will use one Pokemon at a time, and will have the ability to bring 3 to the battle with them. This adds a new dynamic to online battles as three players could gang up on a more powerful trainer, and you will have to be ever vigilant to know who is going to attack who.

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