The Last Guardian Finally Gets A Release Date

Let's just hope it's not another Duke Nukem Forever

Sony showed us more of the Last Guardian today at E3, about time too as it’s been a whole year since the title was reintroduced during Sony’s E3 conference last year. This will be the third game by Team Ico who are responsible for Ico and Shadow of the colossus and will feature elements from both titles.


The game centers on a young boy, who must navigate a complex environment of ruins with the aid of Trico, the giant cat thing. He can climb up and hang onto his feathered companion, similar to what we saw in Shadow of the colossus. In addition to its speed, the creature is also capable of swimming and climbing up walls.

Originally planned for the PS3, the game has suffered a lot of setbacks to the point where fans were questioning if it would ever arrive, so it’s such a relief to be so close to a release. The last Guardian will finally be heading to PS4 on 25th October 2016


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