The Magic Circle: Gold Edition Trailer

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The trailer for The Magic Circle: Gold Edition has been released on the Xbox YouTube channel.

In The Magic Circle, you play the role of a QA tester who is hired to help prepare the live demo of a game that has been in development hell for nearly twenty years. You are then introduced to the developers of the game, who make their appearances in the world as floating eyes capable of changing the environment on a whim, only to discover that the two project leads, Ishmael Gilder and Maze Evelyn, have entered into a bitter rivalry over their respective creative philosophies, and due to their inability to cooperate have rendered the game largely vaporware. Once the play test session is officially “complete”, a rogue AI from a previous version of the game makes contact with the player and teaches them how to manipulate the creatures of the world in order to either complete or at least escape the game world.

The game primarily takes place in a sandbox environment but contains a mixture of puzzle-solving, indirect combat and exploration. You, as the player, have the ability to trap enemies, objects and other items in the game in order to take their functions. The functions that you collect can then be given to any other object or creature to create minions that will defend the player or help them overcome certain obstacles and puzzles. All the player’s decisions will have a major impact on the game. 

The Magic Circle: Gold Edition is available for download on Xbox One now.



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