Pokemon Movie at Legendary Pictures

Gotta catch those movie rights

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Pokemon Go is fairly popular right now, so much so that Nintendo’s shares went up by 53% adding £7 Billion to the company’s market value. This has obviously caught the attention of hollywood and reignited the flame for a live-action adaptation of Pokemon.


Gotta catch ‘Em All

Earlier this year we heard about a supposed bidding war for the rights to make a live-action Pokemon movie this was rumoured to be between Sony and Warner Brothers amongst others Legendary Pictures name was also tossed about as a potential buyer to the rights to make a film.

Deadline are reporting that Legendary Pictures is close to securing the live-action rights to a Pokemon Movie however both Nintendo nor Legendary have commented on the matter.

Legendary Pictures are no strangers to adapting video games to films they produced this year’s Warcraft which you can find my thoughts on here. The company is also familiar with doing CGI heavy films like Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Sucker Punch and the list goes on.

No matter what ends up happening the film is a long ways off from seeing the big screen, but with new generations of Pokemon introducing new regions and new experiences a Pokemon movie has so many possibilities for where it could go and let’s face it we will all be astonished at seeing Pikachu in a live-action movie on the big screen whether the film is good or bad.

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