Out of Heroes Episode 6 – Ghost in the Shell Discussion

Scotts thoughts on the teaserlicious week from the upcoming movie

Alex & Stuart left the leg work to Scott for this topic. The upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie has had its share of issues so far. This week, they pushed back by dropping a few teasers. While they didn’t show much, the loyalty to the source material is clear! Hear Scotts thoughts in the video below.

Out of Heroes Episode 6 - Ghost in the Shell Teasers

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Alex was once engaged in a fight to the death with his arch nemesis Colin. Colin had the upper hand but Alex managed to kick him in the nuts, a surprisingly tough feet considering Colin was a giraffe. Alex had Colin pinned, just as he was about to strike his fatal blow a voice from the crowed shouted! "Alex Wait!" So Alex waited, but colin used the opportunity to destroy Alex once and for all. Now all that remains of Alex is this profile pic, with the last words he ever heard written beside it.
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