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Beauty and the Beast is a remake of the 1991 animated Disney classic, which itself was an adaptation of a very famous French fairy-tale. This version follows Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon move from animated classic to live action blockbuster.
Like everyone, I was very curious to see what they could do with this film, because the 1991 version is not only a classic, not only the first animated film nominated for a best picture award  it’s beloved by millions, heck Billions of people around the world. Most notably my partner who has said if this film sucks she will curse Disney to the end of time itself. So, no pressure there then.
If you don’t know the story it follows a prince who is cursed because of his selfish nature to live as a Beast, as well as all the members of his Castle, they’re now operating as clocks, crockery and candlesticks. We also have young Bell played by Emma Watson who gets trapped in his castle and must learn to love this Beast and hopefully reverse that spell.
This follows the original 1991 film plot to a T, there’s a few extra scenes and there’s a few story elements that have been changed and have been shifted around, somethings to update to modern-day, somethings that might appeal a lot of parents today, who are going to be upset about certain portrayals of various characters in this movie.
With all that being said! I had a total blast with this movie, I think it’s a very gorgeous film. Now Bill Condon directed this movie but we won’t talk about his previous films, that’s all in the past, because he makes a beautiful-looking movie and a lot of praise is to be given to the production design, all of the costumes and the sets are wonderful to look at.

There’s quite a bit of special effects in the movie, but it’s so well incorporated into the real live-action elements, that it felt very seamless, even the motion capture work for the Beast was very well done. Dan Stevens is’s really great in this film.
All the songs you use to listen to and love are all here with a couple of new ones in there as well, and the entire cast did very good job at performing them.
Luke Evans as Gaston, oh my god! He is perfect, he was so entertaining, he fit the character to a tea, really all the cast are perfect in this movie.
The only thing I wouldn’t have changed was a couple of the story elements and yes if you have seen the 1991 version you know actually what is going to happen in this movie.
Guys the Music, the set design, the performances with great characters you already loved and will love even more, the whole feel of this movie felt like a fairy-tale and that’s what Disney are

going for and with all that said, it easily gets my recommended for you all to go out and watch it in the Cinema.
Well that’s my two sense on the film Beauty and the Beast, please let me know what you think of the film down below and as always, I am Mr Moody and it’s been my pleasure to service you.

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