Ghost In The Shell- Video Review

Does this live action take on the anime classic live up to the original?


Ghost in the Shell is directed by Rupert Sanders and stars Scarlett Johansson as the Major and this is the American live-action adaptation of Masamune Shiro’s original manga and Mamoru Oshii 1995 film.

I am a huge Anime fan, I adored shows like Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball Z, Trigun, the Gundam Series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and many, many more shows, and I have wanted Hollywood to adopt anime and realize how inspirational it can be and see the art in it and not just see a thing that is Japanese and realize just how awesome it is and just how many films have been truly inspired by anime.

This adaptation of Ghost in the Shell follows the Major, a girl who was in a terrible accident and her body was reconstructed and now she is part of section 9 a futuristic police force that hunts down cyber criminals.

So how was this movie? Good, it was good but not perfect!  this is one of the most visually faithful adaptations I have seen in a long time, with gorgeous cinematography, they have recreated Masamune Shiro’s world to a tee. This is a beautiful film that is so stunning to look at, I think CGI is a great tool but if it’s overused and not used well it can become very noticeable and in this film there is a lot of it and it melds with some amazing production design virtually seamlessly, the world in this movie is so well realised. This is the ghost in the shell universe on-screen, there’s also quite a few sequences that are direct recreations Mamoru Oshii film and thankful translate brilliantly.

Scarlett Johansson is brilliant as the character Major, she is very conflicted throughout this movie, focusing on fleshing out her character I believe they improved from the 1995 film, she kickass in the action scenes.

The rest of the section 9 team are very well done, Batou played by Pilou Asbaek is really good, he is the friend you know who will always have your back.

I got to touch on the Score by Clint Mansell who done scores for Black Swan, Moon and The Wrestler, he’s even done the score for Mass Effect 3, and I think he has delivered a gorgeous score here, that really help sell this world.

But sadly, like I said earlier this isn’t a perfect movie, the main villain is so boring and so uninspired that the person is just there to be beaten and that is boring as hell, but what really hurts this film is what hurt the 1995 one, it’s pacing is a bit all over the place, it really can slow to a crawl in parts that can really take you out of the movie, it could easily have been shortened by at least 10 maybe even 20 minutes.

Guys and Gals, Ghost in the Shell is a good film but the issues might put some of you off which I completely understand, but I do recommend for you to go out and see this on the big screen, because even though it has these issues, it also has great acting with gorgeous visually, breath-taking cinematography and a score that is truly amazing.

Well that’s my two sense on the film Ghost in the Shell, please let me know what you think of the film down below and as always, I am Mr. Moody and it’s been my pleasure to service you.

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