This Game Makes Respawning Worth It!

Super Rude Bear Resurrected...reviewed!

Never has a game been so cute and gory all at the same time. Alex Rose’s Super Rude Bear: Resurrected will have you laughing and crying as you work your way through a collection of increasingly frustrating and fantastic levels, each with their own set of intricate challenges which will cause even the best gamers to focus on their technique to clear them.

Play as a gangster bear from East London who battles his way through a medieval setting to ultimately take down his nemesis, The Wizard. The story is random and fun, the gameplay is slick and smooth in the same way that Super Meat Boy was, the only differing factor being that there is a delay on your jump when you have been running. Though this may have been intentional as it only serves to make the overall game harder to master.

The greatest thing about this game is the fact that the more you die the easier it gets. Because when Super Rude Bear is resurrected he leaves his body behind, allowing players to get past places where they previously slipped up and move onto the next (inevitable) challenge. No doubt, you’ll still be racking up a body count, but the beauty of this game is experimenting with how your death can alter the way you play. For example, if you have a set of spikes that you can’t get past the simple solution is to die on them and use your old body as a platform during your next life.

Corpse To The Rescue!

This adds a completely new dimension to the game; we’ve all played games where you learn from your mistakes, but never has there been such great benefits from these mishaps. Super Rude Bear: Resurrection allows players to use their dead body as an advantage and plot their deaths creatively to ensure an easier path through the level.

This new feature means that every type of gamer is satisfied; those who want a casual playthrough can solve problems faster, though if you want a real challenge there is also the option to melt previous corpses and make them disappear. Not to forget the unlock-able marathon modes which push players to their limit as you take on timed trials and bosses.

Nevertheless, using your own fluffy body as an advantage isn’t the only perk, The funky fantasy style is new and refreshing and the grime soundtrack produced by Deeco gets in your head and fuels the adrenaline as the rage begins to set. The range of achievements, trophies, and rewards is extensive and goes from as simple (if you can call it that) as beating a main boss to as complex and hair-pullingly irritating as completing a marathon in set record time. 

That’s A Big Body Count!

The creator, Alex Rose, has also said that the first person to complete the game on the hardest mode without dying once will be given $1000 (provided they do it in the next 2 years). But don’t get your hopes up, because judging by the fact that I’ve died over 200 times in my hour long playthrough I can conclude that it is more likely that you’re going to create your own time machine on a budget than it is that you’ll win the money. Even so, if you manage it then I totally admit that I was wrong and you are a better gamer than I am!

The versatility of this game isn’t something that can be seen in every platformer and allows for hours of fun. A great pass-the-controller experience as mates banter their way through creatively annoying levels and use previous players mistakes to their advantage.

The Verdict: Both challenging and enjoyable, Super Rude Bear will be a great addition to any platform gamer’s collection. If you’re up for a bit of morbid light-hearted fun this game is the pick for you.

What do you think of the game? Be sure to tweet me @AJRafferty so I can hear all of your thoughts! Also big congratulations to @AdamRoseGames on such an awesome and evil platformer!

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