Far Cry 5: Five things I love, One I hate

God Bless America

Far Cry 5 is fastly becoming one of my all-time favorite games, and whilst my review is still in progress I thought I would list the five things I love and one that I just cannot stand.


Love; Hope County


The first and most awe-inspiring part of Far Cry 5 has to be the setting in which all the anarchy unfolds, that being the fictional Hope County. This huge map is densely populated and never a dull moment to be had, be it saving a citizen in need, a spot of fishing or admiring the wildlife…

On second thought…

Hope county is hilarious whilst depressing and terrifying and even though I am two days plus I still have Jacobs area to explore and the horrors and hilarity that are yet to arrive have me eager to get back.


Love; Shovely mc Shovel Face


Need I say more? For those uninitiated in the cult of the shovel; Far Cry 5 offers premium versions of weapons, now if you had said to mee that my favorite of all these would be a shovel with a smiley face well I would be overjoyed and I am happy to report that it is indeed my weapon of choice. It seems that Far Cry players have also come to the consensus that the shovel is the best weapon to play around with as this infographic put out by Ubisoft to celebrate the successful launch is anything to go by.

Falling with Style?


Love; The Wildlife


From companionship alongside Boomer and Peaches and soon to be acquired Cheeseburger to the random encounters with Wolves, Bears so and so forth. The local wildlife is always engaging be it fulfilling a hunting fantasy, or just having a fishing spree trying to catch one god damn hard as hell bass. I digress the animals in this game are more than just monetary income or crafting materials which they very much felt like in previous installations of the game. All the animals (except one) are divine and especially the Judge encounters they are something else. Also, do not mess with Turkeys.


Hate; Wolverines


This is somewhat in jest but also a real problem I encountered, now an adamantium-clawed mutant I can deal with but ferocious little honey badger wannabe.


Love; Specialists


My current specialist line-up is Peaches and Boomer simply due to how much they synergize. I mean let’s face it who doesn’t wanna take down a cult with a Doggo and a Catto. However, there’s enough strategy for the specialist system which makes you want to vary it up every now and again especially to see the human specialists interact with one and other.

They aren’t the most fleshed out of characters but you can find attachment or at least relate to them in some which mean you are less likely to want to see them harmed.


Love; The Seed’s


Faith, John, and Jacob the three leaders each gatekeeping the inevitable battle with Joeseph the leader of the cult. Unlike most open world games with rinse and repeat boss’ Far Cry 5 challenges player expectations. Without spoiling anything the more trouble you cause for the cult the crazier an intense the plot gets with milestones triggering a story event. Faith left me pondering on some internal questions, not to rethink life itself or anything too existential but the brainwashing and metaphorical allegories where definitely a worthy inclusion.


That’s the list folks. I am currently smashing out a Far Cry 5 review but as I still have a little ways to go before completion I will leave you with a slight spoiler for my review. It is without a doubt getting the stump of approval and I implore any Far Cry, Open World Sandbox or FPS fans to give it a try. Just say Yes!



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